Week 37 – update

Okay so there probably should have been at least 36 updates before this but I might as well start now, and have a little bit of a catch up in the next few days.

What’s happening this week?


Last week  I was utterly worn out – but then that was my last week in work and I was training my replacement like mad!  I felt drained at the weekend, after a few days of not doing much at all, I actually feel pretty refreshed!

At this stage, you get to know your limits as to what you can and can’t do!  It might happen to some ladies earlier on in pregnancy but it’s just hit me this week.

On Tuesday, I had a whole day of activities planned (which basically involved quite a lot of shopping, meeting a friend for lunch and then a meal out in the evening with some old work colleagues).  My lunch date was poorly so because that was cancelled I ended up going out a little later than planned. It worked out for the best because after just an hour of shopping I was flagging.  I would have been dead on my feet had I gone out in the morning when I originally planned to!
So during the next couple of weeks, I’m only planning on doing things that I can do in little bursts (unless it involves a lot of sitting down!)


As mentioned in my previous post, my sleep patterns have been on and off, however now I’ve been away from work for a good few days, my brain seems to be calming down and I do feel that I’m sleeping better.  Only issue is where to put my bump!!
General concensus is that you’re not supposed to spend much time on you’re back because of the pressure of the baby on your internal organs/spine/nerves etc however some times it’s necessary to do so.  My hips get sore during the night, so I have to alternate between sleeping on either side, as well as a little bit of time on my back.  I’m surprised my husband gets any sleep at all the amount of times I must roll over in bed, but I’m sure he is used to it by now!


Throughout my pregnancy, my hormone levels have been pretty controlled – I’m actually quite proud of myself!  I’ve not been moody or snappy, something with I’m sure my husband is entirely grateful for.  The only thing I can say is that I will cry very easily – although I was always a little bit like that before I got pregnant!

I made the mistake of watching ‘The Impossible’ yesterday.  It’s a drama about the Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.  I’m fascinated by all sorts of natural disasters and phenomenon so thought it would be my sort of film.  It was really well done, but unfortunately very, very realistic, with some pretty grim special effects – in hindsight it was not a good decision for an emotional pregnant lady to watch it!  Some of the scenes, and the decisions that were made in the film were absolutely horrific and I cried from start to finish!

I’m definitely picking a comedy next time!


As I am hoping to breastfeed once the baby arrives I got measured for my first nursing bra!!  And wow, is it the most comfortable bra ever!

Because there just isn’t enough hours in the day to talk about boobs and bras, I’ll do a my next post about bras and boobs during my pregnancy!!  I could go on about it forever!!

Other Stuff:

I have pretty bad stretch marks… and there’s probably not a lot I can do about it now! Since early on in pregnancy I’ve been rubbing cocoa butter and stretch mark cream into the bump every single day – however it’s not really made a great deal of difference. One of my friends swore by Bio-Oil, however I decided to go for the cheaper option! But it looks like it could have been a false economy!
I have had stretch marks previously from losing and gaining weight so I did expect them, but not I’m getting bigger, they’re just looking worse than usual.
Although they’re noticeable, I’m not going to stress about them. They’re the result of something that I’m extremely proud of so I’ll just have to learn to love them!!


Make the most of your sleep

One of the most common tips that friends have given me for making the most of my maternity leave is getting that all important sleep in before baby arrives and all hell breaks loose!

With me finding it particularly hard to relax at the moment that’s easier said than done.

I’ve had a few sleepless nights recently so last night I was determined to make more of a conscious effort to relax and you know what, I think it may just have worked!

So what was different?

Well I’m sure the main reason was that I was absolutely worn out from not sleeping the previous night, however there were a couple of other things I tried.

For Christmas I received a Cussons Mum & Me Baby Bump gift set, which amongst other things including some relaxing sleep mist.  It’s a concoction of lavender and chamomile and designed to help you have a more relaxing sleep.  I gave a few squirts around my side of the bed (although I’m sure hubby wouldn’t mind if some drifted over his way!) and hoped this would work.

As well as that, I decided to use a sleep app on my phone to see if the calming sounds would help me to relax.  I’ve used one a few years ago when I was going through another period of sleepless nights and I can remember it being okay so I thought it was worth another try!

I downloaded a free app on my iPhone called Relax Melodies – here’s a screenshot of it below:

iPhone sleep app - Relax Melodies

Basically you can choose to mix and match a range of sounds, melodies and background noises to suit your mood and then you can either leave them running or set them on a timer.
I quite like hearing the sound of the elements outside so I chose the heavy rain option, with a bit of thunder thrown in for good measure…made me feel quite cosy tucked up in my bed!!

The result

Having switched it on at 10pm, the next thing I knew was that I was waking up at 3.30am with a desperate need to go to the loo!
At this stage in pregnancy I usually take a loo trip two or even three times in the night so I won’t blame the sound of water too much!!

Now it’s normally at this stage that I struggle to go back to sleep and end up lying awake until hubby’s alarm goes off at about 5.30!!!  Although this time I got back to sleep straight away – I didn’t put the app back on, I just felt much more relaxed without lots of things swimming round my head.  When I finally got the bed to myself I had another light snooze until around 7 and this morning I feel much more refreshed.

If I can do this most nights before baby arrives I’ll be happy!!

And relax…

Cat relaxation

Now if only I could get quite this relaxed…

I am now officially on Day 1 of my holiday/maternity leave.  I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night…

Although I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, I think the reality of it all has finally hit me and now I’m finding it hard to relax.

It’s happening so fast…

Should the baby arrive on time, I potentially have three weeks in which to relax and take it easy.  Anyone that knows me well will know that I don’t normally have trouble doing this – on most days off from work I can usually be found draped on my sofa, still in my pyjamas at 3pm in the afternoon!  However, now I seem to have terrible feelings of guilt that I really should be doing something useful and no matter how many people tell me just to put my feet up and chill, I can’t get my brain to switch off just yet.

I guess it’s just because I know if I sit there and do nothing, three weeks will fly past in no time… eeeek!

It’s not even like I have a LOT of things to do – we have spent the last few months getting everything ready – the nursery is done, the moses basket is set up, most necessary items have been bought and the hospital bags have been packed.

I do need to clean the house, however I may just spend a little bit longer procrastinating about that particular task!

Being realistic

Today I am going to write a list of the things I actually need to do… and by doing so I will hopefully stop the panic from setting in!
I’m sure I’ll see that it’s realistic to finish all the jobs I need to do – as well as finding time to relax.  I just need to work out how…

I guess it’s still not acceptable to pour that large glass of red wine is it? 

A new chapter…

Hi there!

Just a little bit of an introduction from me first of all…

I am excited that in a few weeks time I will become a mum for the very first time! But i’m also pretty nervous as I’m sure you can imagine!

I’ve just started my maternity leave from my job as a writer – it will feel strange not writing anything for nearly a year so I’m hoping that this blog will help me sane over the coming weeks and months! I know I won’t always have time to keep it up but I’ll try my best!

It’s all very much a learning curve for me and my husband – we’d like to think we are prepared as much as possible but really, how prepared can you be until baby actually makes it’s appearance!

I’ll be sharing various things on here… while I’m waiting for the big day, I’ll write about the journey so far, what we’ve been doing to prepare, hopes and fears and everything in between!

Once we say hello to baby I hope you’ll join us on the exciting journey as we learn all about being new parents and the HUGE learning curve that lies ahead!!

Wish us luck!!