Week 38 – update

Where did my first week of maternity go? I want the baby here as soon as possible but I’m hoping that the next 9 months don’t fly past so quickly!

I’m half way through week 38, so what’s been happening this week?


Well it’s definitely time for me to post the obligatory bump photo – just in case I don’t get another chance!
To be honest I haven’t actually taken that many throughout the pregnancy – something I wish I’d done more off… but there’s a few which show me getting gradually bigger!

This is at exactly 38 weeks.  Excuse the messy hair, I’d just woken up from a bit of an afternoon nap!!

Bump - 38 weeks

Baby bump at 38 weeks

Here’s a little montage that I’ve put together to show my changing shape – the first picture was taken at 13 weeks, when I thought I was huge!!  The little bump looks so cute now compared to this big lump I’m carrying around!! 🙂

Baby bump montage

Baby Bump Montage


The cleaning has started!!   Well it’s not quite got to the obsessive stage yet but I don’t think it will be long!  I feel like I’ve had so many clear outs in the last few weeks but it still seems like there is a never ending load of rubbish in the house!

We started a few weeks back by having a massive clear out of clothes on eBay, which not only created some much needed space but also added a few pennies into the baby fund.  We’ve also had a few trips to the local tip to get rid of all the unnecessary junk lying around the place, but there’s still plenty to go.  How on earth does a house get so full?

This week is the fanatical hoovering, dusting and scrubbing every surface I can think of.  This isn’t like me at all so there must be some truth in the nesting instinct!   Not that I like to live in a mess the rest of the time, but I do usually find something better to do with my time!

The cleaning is also being helped along by the fact that I have a health visitor coming round on Wednesday.  I have no idea what to expect from her – I’ve already had the home visit from my midwife and a breastfeeding support nurse so my suspicious nature tells me that she’s coming round to spy on me and our home to check that we’re not going to be bringing baby up in some kind of hovel or drug den.

We have a perfectly lovely home in which to bring up baby but I still feel the need to clean from top to bottom in time for the appointment… the only thing left to do is make sure our slightly neurotic cat stays out of the way!!


When we went to our antenatal classes a few weeks back, one thing that we were asked to do was to go away and ask parents that we knew what their top tips were for the last few weeks of pregnancy/first few weeks with a newborn.

The one thing that kept recurring was to try and prepare some meals to put in the freezer ready for when baby arrives as generally in the first few weeks there’s not a lot of time for eating properly!

For one I love my food so the thought of not eating really disturbs me, and secondly as I plan on breastfeeding I’ll need to keep my strength up, so having some tasty, nutritious meals already prepared sounds pretty appealing.
It’s just that I can’t seem to get around to making them in the first place! I’ve been adding a few ideas for what I can make on Pinterest but the actual making of them seems like such a chore! I used to love cooking but I’ve got out of the habit of it recently – I am fortunate to have a lovely husband who really enjoys cooking and baking so tends to do the majority of our meals.

I don’t really want to ask him to prepare all the freezer meals – he’s working hard all day while I am at home so it should really be up to me to sort it out, I really just need some motivation! I’ll keep you posted if I ever get round to it!

If not, I wonder how long it takes to get sick of beans on toast?

Other stuff:

We popped down to a local NCT nearly new sale at the weekend – various people I’d spoken to had recommended going so thought we’d give it a try! It was crazy!! I’ve never seen so many pregnant women or mothers in the same room. It wasn’t the biggest room so was a bit of a scrum! We aren’t members of NCT either so missed out on the first half hour which is exclusive to members only – I think the best things probably tend to go during this period.

However we did get a few bundles of clothing which look brand new – and they only cost us £4 for the lot! Most of the clothes there were for older kids from around 18 months to 3 years so I guess we’ll be going back to another sale at a later date!

That’s all for now – I’ll update you later on in the week how I got on with the Health Visitor and whether or not there’s been any movement in the cooking situation!!  Bets are on!


2 thoughts on “Week 38 – update

  1. Thank you! Yes this is the first time I felt brave enough to post bump pictures online – it’s even interesting for me to think how much I have changed since day 1! Hopefully get to see what’s inside soon! 🙂

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