Impromptu bump shoot

There’s probably something a bit odd about me and my husband… despite the fact that we both have a love of amateur photography, we don’t seem to take a lot of pictures, particularly of each other.  We also don’t have a great deal of photos of the pair of us – something which we will hopefully rectify now that we’re about to become a little family!

If we go on holiday or on a day out we take literally hundreds of photos – sightseeing, scenery, food, wildlife but it’s those inbetween times that we just never seem to get the camera out – which is actually a real shame.

With the sun shining at the weekend – I hope wherever you are in the country you were enjoying the beautiful sunshine as much as we were – we decided to get out for some fresh air and go for a walk to our local nature reserve.
It’s actually somewhere we spend a lot of time although it’s usually freezing!!  This time it felt like the middle of Summer and was just gorgeous!  With the camera actually charged and ready to go for when the big day arrived, we decided to grab it and take it out with us and I’m so glad we did as I have ended up with some lovely bump photos for posterity!

I know a few girls who have organised professional bump shoots – it’s not something that I thought about doing really.  For starters it was a luxury that we probably couldn’t really afford and I’m not really comfortable at posing for staged photos, no matter how lovely the photographer is so it was never really going to be on the cards.

The pictures that my hubby took today have turned out wonderfully and could almost be professional photos – so I’ve ended up with my very own bump shoot for free!  It’s a shame we didn’t think about taking the tripod as it would have been lovely for the husband to be in on the pics too but we’ll make sure we remember that when baby is here!

Anyway here are the results.  There’s only  a few pics but I’m really pleased with them!  What do you think?

RSPB Shoot 1   RSPB Shoot  

  RSPB Shoot    RSPB Shoot


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