And then nothing happened…

So here’s the 40 week update…

It’s funny isn’t it?  You focus on a date for so long and then it passes with absolutely nothing to show for it…

Grumpy Cat Nothing

Friday 14th March 2014… my due date.

Obviously there’s only a handful of women who actually give birth on their due date but I had really been hoping to join this exclusive club, if only just to prevent me waiting any longer!

The original date they gave me was 16th March, so there’s still time – and having worked forward from my own dates, I always thought it was more likely to be around 20th March, but having seen 14.03.2014 written down so many times on my notes it starts to become an obsession!

I’ve been experiencing a few symptoms of pre-labour for the past few days…

I haven’t had a full on show, but I’m starting to lose it bit by bit.  I’ve also been getting a LOT of braxton hicks although they aren’t quite ramping up enough for my liking!!

I know from others that none of these are definitive signs of an imminent labour, however I am still hopeful!!

I don’t really believe in the old wives’ tales that are meant to bring on labour – however it hasn’t stopped me from trying!
I’ve been eating pineapple all week and last night we went for the obligatory due date curry with another friend who is due at the end of the month.

In bed last night, I was convinced that I was starting to get some labour twinges, however it turned out that I’d just eaten far too much!  I’m not sure what to expect once it happens so every little movement or pain gets scrutinised to extremes until I realise it’s probably just trapped wind or indigestion!

As people keep telling me, I’ll KNOW when it happens for real!

Everyone seems to be having a sweepstake on the date of arrival now – comment below if you fancy having your own guess!!


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