Exciting Times – My new venture!

So as if I haven’t or enough to do looking after a baby, I’ve decided to set up a business!

I hope you like some of the stuff I’ve done?

It’s a hobby turned business really, I’ve had some lovely comments on the work that I’ve done and a few requests from friends so I thought I’d open it up to the wider world and see what happened!

I’m not expecting to make my millions from it (although you never know do you!)
I’ll still be returning to my ‘normal’ job at the end of my Maternity Leave but just using my spare time to set up on my own.

Most of the work I do is done in the evening once E has gone to bed so I’ll still have plenty of time to spend with her on my days off. It probably means less time to do the housework but is that such a bad thing??

Want to take a peek at my shop?
Then take a look at my new Facebook page here

I hope you like it… And if you do please click the like button. I’m hopefully going to run a competition for a freebie once I get to the landmark 100 likes so click away.

And don’t forget Christmas is just around the corner…