The Story of E – Season Three Recap

Well as you can see I’m a bit late with this one – should have been done at the end of December but what with Christmas and everything else (see my last post!), well I hope I can be forgiven for the slight delay!

What’s she up to?

Well it’s no wonder I’ve not been able to post much on here – so much happened between 6-9 months! Everyone always told me that once we hit 6 months that’s when the real fun begins and boy were they right! She’s a right little character now and learning so much. Where should I start!


I guess the biggest change we’ve had is that E is now on solid foods. I was really looking forward to weaning E, I couldn’t wait to see her little face when she tried new tastes and textures but there was also part of me that was dreading it… what if she hated everything?

E was about 25 weeks when we started weaning – we wanted to wait until as near to 6 months as possible as per the recommended age. I know many people do it earlier but we just didn’t feel E was ready any earlier than this.

I’d been reading a lot about Baby Led Weaning (BLW) before we started but I decided that I wanted to start with purees and spoon feeding, just to see what she was like with different tastes.

I 100% agree with the principles of BLW, I just wanted to be selfish for a little bit as I think it’s just so cute feeding a baby! I made up a few different purees to start with (carrot, sweet potato, broccoli, parsnip, apple, pear) and froze small portions of them in ice cube trays, so it was really simple when it came to mealtimes. We did this for a few weeks before starting to introduce more textures and flavours. I’d like to say I did all the cooking myself, but I must admit to cheating a little bit. I did carry on making different purees and mash, but as I am often lacking in imagination when it comes to cooking we did make use of various jars and pouches in the early days until we had become a little bit more confident with what she liked/didn’t like.

We did move onto BLW quite quickly – my confidence was a bit shaky to start with as I couldn’t bear the gagging reflexes however I persisted as I knew it was all a part of E’s learning experience – and mine!
I’ll write about this in more detail in another post but while I was at this early stage of weaning, I completed an infant first aid course run by Millie’s Trust. It was scary but I’m glad I did it and I do think it’s helped me get over my fears.

E is a pretty confident little eater now – although she’s still a little bit picky with certain things, however she’s still young and I’m sure certain things will come with time. There are certain foods that are flavour of the month, yet next week I know she won’t eat them. Sometimes she likes to pick things up herself, other days she’ll want me to spoon feed her. I guess it’s all a bit trial and error but we’ll get there.

We’re currently transitioning onto cups and cutlery – this will be fun. I’m just glad the weather is getting a bit warmer as I’m think introducing naked feeding time is a must at this stage!!


And I was panicking when E started to roll… that was nothing compared to the speed she now gets across that floor!
The crawling came at about 7 months – no signs then all of a sudden, zoom…. she was chasing after an IKEA catalogue that I’d flung on the floor! Weirdly I was heading to IKEA later that afternoon so I’m sure it was some sort of sign!
Since then there’s been no stopping her – I just feel sorry for our poor cat. She was confused enough when E was immobile but now she has a little terror chasing after her and trying to grab her tail wherever she moves to!


Oh the dreaded teeth! It seems likes she’s been teething since about 10 weeks but with no sign of anything in her gums I did start to wonder if they’d ever appear, getting all the more jealous of other babies who already had about 6 teeth and were confidently chewing on food! Little did I know that when they did arrive I’d be wishing them back to whence they came!

Teething must really suck if you’re a baby – toothache is such a horrible thing as an adult so for a little one who can’t express what they’re going through it’s just horrible to see them going through this.
I actually think we’ve been quite lucky with E’s teeth compared to some other stories I’ve heard but even so, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

We had three nightmarish nights when the first tooth decided to show – it didn’t help at all that for one of them we were staying with family and E was in a travel cot. No sleep for the household that night.
We’d begun with a very hot clingy baby, a rash and then a few sporadic sleepless nights with the worst one being while we were away. The next morning the tooth had popped through and there was a sea of calm!

We’ve got six teeth so far – two bottom and four top. After the banshee inducing crying with the first tooth, the remaining five didn’t give us so much of a peep. She’s obviously hardened up to the fact now!
Seriously though, I do hope that the rest don’t give her too much trouble but I believe the molars are pretty bad. We are preparing ourselves for the worst!

What’s next

Well as I’ve been so late with this blog, it won’t be long til my next update when E is 1!! Scary how fast that time has gone!