Eating Out Review: Prezzo

Following our trip to Wagamama a few weeks back, this time we went around the corner to Prezzo – of all the italian style chains this has been one of our favourites, particularly as they usually have really good offers!  It’s all about finding the bargains!

I ate here a few times when pregnant – pasta was one food that I couldn’t stomach during pregnancy, even looking at it was a complete no no so not sure why I ended up in Prezzo in the first place, however the lasagne went down so well that I had to go back! I was wondering if the taste of  it might have rubbed off on E!

What I love about Prezzo is that they don’t just have a generic kids menu – which in most restaurants is aimed at bigger kids, and the smaller ones just have to like it or lump it – they also have a tots menu (aimed at those up to age 5).  It’s £3.95 for three courses and a drink, which is excellent value.

So, what’s on the menu?

Considering it’s aimed at those ‘with smaller tummies’, the portion sizes were pretty generous.  There’s only one starter – garlic bread, which comes with or without cheese; two choices for the main course – either pasta (with a choice of 3 basic sauces) or a small margherita pizza (with a choice of three toppings).  Dessert is either ice cream in a choice of flavours or a fresh banana, then either juice or squash for the drink.

E polished off the garlic bread (this is always a winner), but the tomatoey pasta mainly got launched on the floor.  We realised pizza may have been the preferred option when bits of Daddy’s meal were sneakily snaffled off his plate. Of course the ice cream was polished off, no problem.  We turned the drink down in favour of our own water – as I’m a mean mummy who hasn’t let E taste juice or squash yet!

The paper menu included puzzles and various things to colour in, however E decided that the crayons were much tastier than the pasta so these were swiftly hidden at the other end of the table!




Food: 4/5 standard italian fayre, nothing adventurous
Service: 3/5 – could be friendlier
Baby-friendly: 5/5 separate menu, clean highchairs, colouring activities
Toilets/baby-change: 3/5 clean and tidy, nothing special

Total: 15/20