So here I am, pleased to meet you!

I’m a thirty-something mum to be – and despite the fact that this little baby has been a long time coming, it doesn’t mean that I’m any more prepared for it!

I’ve started this blog, because I normally write for a living and although I’m planning on enjoying every minute of my maternity leave, I still want to keep my brain in gear as much as possible!

With a brand new baby in tow, it’s probably wishful thinking that I’ll be able to keep this up, but I’m going to try!!  I’m married to a very supportive husband who’s just excited about our future as I am, so I’m sure he won’t mind holding the fort for 10 minutes every so often!

I’m also hoping that keeping a record of my upcoming adventures will give me some great memories to look back on, and perhaps the learning curve that I am going through in bringing up my first baby, may just help someone else out too.

I know there’s plenty of you out there who are probably feeling as nervous as I am about impending birth and motherhood, of if you’re already a parent, you can remember the anticipation before your whole world changed!

Please stop by and say hello!


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