Week 39 – update

Less than a week to go!  Although I’m sure there’ll be a week 40 & 41 update at least!!


The bump is definitely getting bigger – surely there can’t be much room inside there now.  Here is a picture taking on Friday just before a lovely evening out with my friends:

Bump - Week 39

Bump at week 39

The evening with my friends was lovely – was a last chance for them to see me before baby arrives and for me to enjoy a nice meal out without needing a babysitter!!  At the end of the evening they also presented me with a lovely hamper of baby gifts, including some beautiful newborn outfits, some bath goodies for me and baby and the obligatory bottle of bubbly!!  I hadn’t organised a baby shower so something like that wasn’t really expected but it was so lovely of them!!  I have beautiful friends!


Having been obsessed with getting the house in order before the health visitor arrived on Wednesday, I then picked up a voicemail to say that the visit was now cancelled!  There’s not much time to arrange another antenatal visit before the baby arrives so it looks like the first time I meet the HV will be once the little one is here.  Oh well, at least I have a super tidy house now!


Of course, I didn’t get round to the freezer meals.  You didn’t really expect anything else did you?  However the lovely husband has said that he will cook some chilli and bolognese this week if I do some soup so we have a deal!

Other stuff:

Have I mentioned already that I love eBay!  If I haven’t I’m sure you’ll find me obsessing about it quite a lot!  We are generally a very thrifty household, and buy a lot of our items second-hand where possible.  I have always enjoyed rummaging around charity shops (the majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes were bought from charity shops, vintage stores or eBay) so it was never going to be any different when baby came along.

Anyone who has a baby will know how expensive certain items can be so we’ve tried to cut down wherever possible by getting second hand, and we’ve been particularly lucky to find items that have hardly been used at bargain prices.

This week’s bargain buy was a cot top changer – it wasn’t really something I had considered previously but having had problems with my back I begun to think it might be a necessity, plus a few other mums had said that it had really helped them – particularly those who’d had a section.  So having done a little bit of research in a few baby stores first I set about having a look at them on eBay and ending up winning an auction for one a few days ago!

The one that we bought was originally from Mamas and Papas – they don’t seem to have the exact one in store currently, however the ones that they do have are either £58.50 or an astonishing £130.50!  We bought ours for the amazingly low price of £7.00!

Love finding a bargain! Just a few finishing touches to go with the nursery then hopefully I’ll be able to do an update!


I have my final midwife appointment on Wednesday assuming baby hasn’t made an appearance by then.  Last time I went she mentioned offering me a sweep at the next appointment but I’m unsure whether that will happen on the day or not (as I won’t be quite 40 weeks) so I may need to arrange to go back a few days later.  I’m not entirely sure what I think about having a sweep really… I know some people choose not to have one and just wait it out but being the incredibly impatient person that I am, I think I’ll be taking anything they can offer….

This week already sees plans for long walks, hot curries, pineapple and dare I say it lots of sex…. hubby will be pleased!!!!