The Truth Is… I am (not) Iron (wo)Man!

I’m sure someone once sang the line “I’m sick and tired…of being sick and tired”.

Following my previous post It’s been a while, even more time has passed. Unfortunately my illnesses just got worse.

The final straw came mid-March when I was poorly over the weekend of E’s first birthday – I just about managed to hold it together for her party (which was actually wonderful) but over the next couple of weeks I was absolutely dreadful – I hadn’t felt that ill for a long long time. Everything hit at once – flu, gastroenteritis, more tonsillitis… It was not a good place to be and I decided to seek help.

I should have done it sooner, but I just thought I was being unlucky… A conversation with the pharmacist (I think they know me by name there now 😉) made me realise it was probably something a little more serious. So off to the doctor I went, and ordered some blood tests.

I was tested for all sorts but the results showed that I had iron-deficiency anaemia and something else to do with my immunoglobulins so basically my immune system was non-existent.

Well that explains that then!

Its was actually a relief to find out that there was something wrong and that hopefully it could be fixed. I’ve been taking iron supplements and trying to improve my diet and I’m being monitored with regular tests to keep on top of it. I’m not completely out of the water yet but I am certainly on the mind, and even the psychological effect of knowing what the issue is has been a weight off my shoulders.

I’m trying to resume normal service as much as possible so that means more blog posts (yay!) and my business is back up and running!

I’ve got so much to catch up on!!



It’s been a while!

Here I am back again – it’s been a while since I last posted. There’s obviously a lot with E to catch up on but this is a post just about me!

Under the Weather

The main reason for my absence is that for the past few months I feel like I’ve been fighting off illness after illness. It’s not been a brilliant time to be honest.
I got a cold around mid-October and since then it’s just been one thing after another. It took me about 6 weeks to shake off the cold and then just after Christmas I ended up with a stint in hospital. The doctors thought I had a blood clot and I had to go through a whole rigmarole of tests to discover it was actually gastro related but it was a scary time. I was given medication for that which seemed to help but just a few days later I got tonsillitis.

I haven’t had tonsillitis for 18 years, so it was a bit of a shock to the system. Back then I was told off for kissing too many boys! I promise I haven’t been doing any of that this time around!

The tonsillitis seemed to clear up pretty quickly but then turned into a nasty ear infection. It was so painful and I couldn’t hear properly for about 2 weeks (which came in handy in a few situations!) I was overjoyed when my hearing finally came back though. Once the infection had cleared up I thought I was over the worst of it, only to be hit by another cold followed by an even worse bout of tonsillitis. I’ve really not been having much luck.

Keep taking the pills

I can’t tell you how many antibiotics I’ve been on since the New Year – I really don’t like taking medication if I can help it and I’m all about the prevention rather than the cure but unfortunately everything I had was too nasty just to leave so antibiotics it had to be.

E has been pretty lucky and managed to avoid most of my illnesses – we’ve had a few days when she’s not been too well but she’s a little fighter and she generally makes a full recovery after 24 hours, while I’m still lagging behind with my rubbish immune system. E has started nursery now so she’s bound to pick up a few bugs here and there – I’ve never been too bothered about her getting ill, as long as it’s nothing serious. I’m of the thinking that the more things she gets at a young age, the more her immunity will build up so she’s super healthy when she’s older!

She did manage to pick up conjunctivitis last week – one of the most contagious things ever. After fighting to put drops in her eye (have you ever tried to administer eye drops to a strong, wriggly, screaming baby? I have no useful advice apart from to go back to the doctor and get cream, i’m sure it’d be so much easier) it cleared up within a few days but lo and behold who was the next person to get it? Yes me, her already poorly mummmy!

So here I am writing this blog with a lovely red, crusty eye – having the same issues of trying to get the eye drops into my own eye. Seriously who invented these things?

Building up Immunity

I don’t know if my low immune system has anything to do with having a baby. Throughout my pregnancy I wasn’t ill once (not counting morning sickness), I didn’t even have the slightest of snuffles. In fact I’ve never felt more healthy than in those 9 months – the ‘blooming’ phase was just so true for me. When E was tiny, I remained pretty healthy but then it’s like after a few months someone switched off my immune system and I’m under attack.

Most of my friends who are new mothers have experienced a similar thing, although none seem to have had it quite as bad as me. We assume that when the baby is born we pass on most of our immunity to them and then we need to build it back up again, it’s obviously just that some take a bit longer than others!

I have started taking vitamins now – I really wish I’d started earlier. If you’re reading this and you’ve just given birth, then start taking your vitamins now and hopefully you’ll avoid the immunity slump further down the line.

I’m hoping that there’s no other illnesses waiting around the corner to ambush me – I would just like normal service to resume as soon as possible!

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